Lights and Power

I want to give a quick rave to the Shimano Alfine Dynamo and the Busch & Muller Luxos U Lumotec IQ2 light system that Mary Sue gave me for Christmas. What a 21st century combo. Back in the day, when I had my 3-speed Raleigh and later my 10-speed Schwinn in the ’60s, I used a generator that leaned against the front tire to power my bike lights. Those of my generation (sorry for the pun) will recall these units with affection. They were state-of-the-art for that era, a fond memory. This new system in the year 2016 is a quantum leap forward. The Dynamo generates power from the front axel without any discernible drag. The Luxor front light is a marvel of modern technology. With multiple settings and an automatic ability to adjust its beam angle based on my speed, I am in awe. The accompanying USB port on my handlebars is the piece-de-resistance: I can charge my iPhone and Garmin GPS while I ride each day, as well as my RavPower external battery to help with the iPad when far from any outlets. For a low-tech guy, this set-up is as high-tech as I can manage. We’ll see how well I do so as the trip evolves.


[After my ride, front and rear lights remain on for about 5 minutes.]






[The Alfine Dynamo sits inconspicuously as part of the front axel hub.]


[The B&M Luxos lamp is phenomenal – a comment from last year’s RAW trip:  “Your light is the brightest of the whole [200-biker] group.”]

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