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Dave Galvin, age 63, lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, on a houseboat on Lake Union.  He is married to Mary Sue (Naegele) Galvin, and has two young-adult kids: Nicholas (28), who is working for an envirnmental engineering company in Seattle and is about to wed his fiance, Bree Robinson; and Veronica (26), who is working on a Ph.D. in neuroscience at Yale.

Dave’s passions are his family (including geneology); skiing and ski history; hiking, climbing, bicycling, bird-watching; reading history and adventure books; and generally being active outdoors in nature. He is a former president of Seattle Audubon Society and has helped to launch the Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum at Snoqualmie Pass. He is recently retired from a 41-year career in environmental management, including primarily hazardous waste managment with King County, Washington. He was the founding president of the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association, and served as president of the board of the Product Stewardship Institute for 8 years.

Address:  galvind53@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About Dave Galvin

  1. I have a feeling that yours will not be a “slowing down” type of retirement! I look forward to your updates.


  2. Interesting to think about the hours of solitude riding and the thoughts and strings of conversations you are having with yourself each day. You have the opportunity to solve one of the worlds problems when you get to your end point. Can’t wait to hear the details and highlights of your trip.
    Have Fun,


  3. Hi Dave,
    Thinking about our very brief encounter last night at our campsite in Petoskey, MI Grateful you left your card as I have been reading of your adventure on your website and find it very interesting. I have shared your site with several people so you have picked up some followers.
    Though you were not aware you were with my husband and I as I celebrated my last radiation treatment yesterday.
    It has been journey filled with many wonderful people.
    I find the many personality’s of our bay very calming and reflective so choose to spend as much time here as I can. I hope you are able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Grand Traverse Bay today. Ride safely
    Stay strong and well,


    1. Great to hear from you, Maryjo! I’m into my seventh year as a cancer survivor, which was a big motivator for doing this trip. I wish you all the best, from an old cancer survivor to a new, about-to-be survivor. You were so helpful in my moment of need to find a place to land for the night. What I call “Road Angels” on this trip. The kindness of strangers has been the real gold of this whole trip for me. I’m in Traverse City after a long, hot, humid day of bicycling. Will take tomorrow off to explore the area with some local friends. Come visit in Seattle. All the best, — Dave


  4. Dave – do you need a break in the traverse city area. The weather forecast for Thursday is much better. I can meet you on the road to talk about it. Your ex-co-worker Lynda R. is my sister in law. Sincerely Pete Hohn


  5. Dave – enjoying your journey. I came the other direction on two wheels to arrive here decades ago. Remember enjoying you and Mary Sue’s stories from Colby.

    Last time I may have seen you both was at Jeff’s second wedding and haven’t been in contact with him for many years.

    Retired two years ago and a lot of your why posting rings true. Lost my best friend and wife Dalene to colon cancer in October of that year.

    Started birding a bit on travels and locally at NWR. It would be good to share a micro brew and maybe a paddle when you return. Will be going with my friend Steve from Mount Rainier days to Barkley Sound mid September and both of you are invited if interested.

    Take care,
    Jack Leiman


    1. Jack! So good to hear from you after all these years. Yes, let’s get together for a brew and a paddle once I’m back after Labor Day. It’ll be a treat to catch up with you. – Dave


  6. Dave – almost a year later and am not sure you monitor this site. A few adventures to catch on including a recent workshop at the Macauley Lab.



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