Welcome to my adventure, defined as a trip where one is not sure of the outcome.  My name is Dave Galvin and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA.  I rode my bicycle across the “northern tier” of the 48 contiguous U.S. states from west to east during the summer of 2016: from the extreme Northwest corner at Cape Flattery/Neah Bay, Washington, to the extreme Northeast corner at Quoddy Head/Lubec, Maine.

Here was my planned route:


And here is my actual, deviating only by a short-cut across southern Ontario instead of cycling south of Lake Erie:



I launched on May 15th, 2016.  I posted updates approximately weekly, which are found under “Posts” on this website.  I also include a description of my touring bicycle and my “kit” of all the stuff I carried with me.

I appreciate your interest in my trip, and I hope my posts provide some insights into my ride and into this great country we Americans call home.

—  Dave Galvin ( galvind53@gmail.com )